Politicizing of lawlessness!!!

by Sammy Darko 2017/01/13 at 9:06 AM

POLICEThe silence of the president and his administration on the alleged attacks of NDC faithful and seizure of state property is worrying for two reasons;

1. There is uneasiness at the top hierarchy of the Police administration. Many are unsure of whether they will keep their post, how soon they will go and the reaction from the new govt. A statement from the president or his administration is one strong motivation. Yes they are suppose to do their work but where they are unsure of the reaction from the ruling class, it can be difficult. They are but mere mortals like us.

2. Ghanaians voted for change and would love to see a different approach to governance. The NPP and the president soon after winning power did speak and said supporters must desist from attacks etc.

However, now that you have the authority, it is refreshing and sends the strongest indication that your govt does not condone such barbaric conduct in a new dispensation.

However, what is even worrying is the hypocrisy displayed by the opposition NDC. It’s always good to acknowledge you were wrong and then move on to condemn the actions of someone repeating what you did in the past.

But to pretend like nothing has happened, it’s most deceitful. Same applies to many of their sycophants on Facebook. They expect everyone to unite behind them and hold the new govt accountable when they strongly and despicably attacked and bastardized same “call” in the past. When they were in power, everything the King did was right and you were NPP if you dared do a story about their incompetence or critiqued them as a citizen and not as a spectator. Yet today, these people are gallivanting from wall to wall virtually forcing you to put the heat on NPP.

What President obama said in 2009 in Accra, Ghana remains even relevant now;  “Africa doesn’t need strongmen, it needs strong institutions”

Can we as a people, chart a new path, to build our institution and give them the necessary cooperation and free hands whiles we hope in future this progress will not be over turned.

The writer is former BBC Correspondent for Ghana, a lecturer in media studies and a law student.

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