Toy Economics and Fake Developments

by Sammy Darko at March 22nd, 2017

Economic theories can be very impressive, especially where apparently universal principles of scarcity, competition, capital, labour, production, demand, supply, cycles, distortions, regulations, risks, interventions and so on are backed up by data illustrated by charts, graphs and seemingly complicated and color-coded formulas.   When many economists speak, they appear to suggest that they know how […]

The Now, the Future: Ghana’s dilemma

by Sammy Darko at February 15th, 2017

This week, Ghanaians have been discussing an announcement by the government that free Senior High school education will begin in September of 2017. The debate has largely been whether it should be free for all or that government must employ “targeting”,  meaning only those who can’t genuinely pay for secondary education  must be sponsored. “By […]

Dag Heward-Mills stirs controversy in SA

by Sammy Darko at January 24th, 2017

Renowned Ghanaian bishop Dag Heward-Mills has attracted controversy and praise alike in South Africa. The outspoken bishop is reported to have said in a sermon: “There is nothing like that [homosexuality] in nature.” in one of South Africa’s biggest churches,  Grace Bible Church in Soweto. The church is trending on social media after a local celebrity […]

Jammeh, a Spent Force!!!!

by Sammy Darko at December 14th, 2016

Tagged as the worst human rights violator, one of the most callous dictators Africa has ever known and the most autocratic African leader in the 21st Century, he dazed the world when he graciously conceded defeat to President -elect Adama Barrow on the 2nd of December.   It sounded, tasted and felt like a mature […]

Judge recuses herself from Journalists suit

by Sammy Darko at December 1st, 2016

Just as Pontius Pilate washed his hands after condemning Jesus to death, Justice Gifty Adjei Addo has recused herself from the law suit brought by journalists against the Electoral Commission over payment of  accreditation fees before covering the 2016 general elections. The International Standards Journalists Association (ISJA), in the suit filed at the Human Rights […]