Perspective: Raising revenue in the face of significant tax cuts in Ghana

by Sammy Darko at March 6th, 2017

In part one of this article we discussed how taxation is a major source of revenue used to fund national development and provide public goods in most jurisdictions. This part explores measures that must be put in place to mobilize as much revenue as possible in the face of significant tax cuts expected to be […]

Us Vs Them-north-south divide?

by Sammy Darko at November 22nd, 2016

In 2012 when NPP presidential candidate Nana Akufo Addo made his infamous statements about “all-die-be-die and “Yen Akanfuo” in response to growing attacks on his supporters, the whole of Ghana came heavily on him except his supporters. They felt so “righteous” by that statement and stood by their leader till he lost the elections. The […]

A worrying mindset

by Sammy Darko at November 21st, 2016

I have often wondered why the Ghanaian who is so destructive and disobedient suddenly becomes so law abiding when he travels to Europe, America or any other country. Some have postulated it’s because the laws in those countries work but I think the problem is to do with a worrying mindset we have. For example […]

The silent majority; spiral of silence in motion.

by Sammy Darko at November 19th, 2016

How did this just happen? Unusual, unexpected, strange, weird, unprecedented and now bizarre are but few of the words used by mainstream media to describe a bitter election that has produced Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States of America . Many have questioned my fixation on the US elections, after all I am […]

Ghana’s footballing connection to Guantanamo Bay

by Sammy Darko at January 29th, 2016

Elizabeth Ohene looks at the uproar that greeted Ghana’s decision to allow two Yemenis freed from the US jail in Guantanamo Bay to live in the West African state.   There is a general belief here that if you typed Ghana or Ghanaian into a search engine, the words that would be suggested automatically as […]