Building of National Cathedral for Christians Challenged in Court

by Sammy Darko 2017/03/12 at 7:14 AM

The decision to construct a National Cathedral for the Christian Community is taking another twist with a citizen going to court.

The writ is also asking the apex court to declare as unconstitutional the government sponsoring of religious pilgrimage to Mecca.

President Akufo-Addo on Independence Day cut the sod for the construction of a national cathedral in Accra. The cathedral will serve as a national non-denominational Christian worship centre for the country. The president said lack of such infrastructure in the country prompted him to take the initiative which he said will serve a very important purpose for the Christian community in the country. The government provided the land. The funding is expected to be sourced from the Christian community and Churches in the country.

But, a writ has been filed at the Supreme Court of Ghana challenging the decision of the state to aid the building of the edifice.


A citizen, James Kwabena Bomfeh Jnr popularly known as Kabila caused his lawyers to issue the writ on his behalf against the State invoking the exclusive original jurisdiction of the court  pursuant to article 2 (1) and30 (1).


The spokesperson for the 2016 Presidential nominee of Convention People’s Party,  is seeking a declaration that  both the letter and the spirit of the constitution of Ghana  particularly the provisions of articles 21(1) (b) (c), 35 (1) (5) (6) (a), 37 (1) and or 56, it is unconstitutional for  government  or through state agencies and institutions to aid, sponsor, endorse  and offer preferential  governmental  promotion of and or  be excessively entangled in  any religion or religious practices.


Additionally, the plaintiff is seeking that the court declares that the setting up of the Hajj Board by government for the purpose of coordinating, supporting or aiding Ghanaian Muslims embark on a pilgrimage to Mecca as also unconstitutional.

See below copies of the write issued!!




letter one


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